Advance Rhino 6 for Jewelry Design (Private Online Training)

Advance Rhino 6 for Jewelry Design (Private Online Training)


Course Description

This course is designed for the jewelry profession. The course material is targeted to advance your Rhino jewelry modeling skills with lots of tricks and tips. We will work on both geometric and organic forms, advance stone setting, jewelry industry standard for 3d printing, casting and production process discussion. Specification drawing for manufacturing and Keyshot rendering. All students must have Rhino intermediate skill level ability.

Course Objectives

  • Advance stone setting in 3D modeling

  • manufacturing specification for 3D printing and metal casting

  • Spec. drawing for manufacturing

  • Advance rendering with KeyShot

  • Jewelry design from A to Z

Prerequisites and requirements

Completion for Rhino 5.0 for jewelry Design- Introduction course or instructor approval is required. All students need to have a laptop with Rhino installed prior to the class. Rhino trial version can be download at for 90 days. Keyshot trial can be downloaded at Window system and three button mouse is preferred for Rhino 6


We will meet online 15 hours total. Each meeting is 3 hours. Meeting time is flexible and all sections will be arranged prior to 1st meeting time.

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