My passion as an educator is founded in the joy of fostering the success of students within a collaborative learning environment, where the exchange of ideas and development of intellectual independence is my top priority.  My commitment to developing young designers has been very rewarding in the past ten years of intensive teaching. During that time my goal has been to provide a well organized teaching structure based in solid design theory and technical application that firmly supports each students’ professional goals.  I consciously strive to be a resourceful and inspiring educator, assisting every student in the discovery of their own unique talent and abilities.

I approach teaching strategies as flexible and adaptive based on the individually diverse academic levels being taught.  For students in the introductory level courses, my teaching focuses on developing competency utilizing fundamental design methodologies and techniques within various material applications in a positive and encouraging learning environment.  Students must acquire skills in ideation sketching, 2D/3D rendering, fabrication, appropriate material application, CAD modeling and rapid prototyping techniques that are the basic tools for successful design communication.  Exposing students to a variety of creative and innovative problem-solving projects allows them to gain design experience and confidence at an early stage of their development.

Determining career options, identifying areas of personal interest and expertise, as well as developing a professional portfolio are the objectives for students in the intermediate-level courses. Students learn to refine the design thinking process by incorporating market research, brand analysis, user experience, team work, 2D/3D visualization and precise prototype with specific manufacturing considerations. My expectations in the intermediate-level courses are to cultivate independent creative thinkers with professional communication and design ability as well as building a professional portfolio tailored for their future professional goals.

As students extend their abilities and skills, the advanced level courses expose students to bring the experience of direct collaborative learning with industry sponsors and mentors to those students ready to meet the challenges that industry demands.  Completing the design process from ideation through prototyping and presentation enables students to connect real world design experience through collaboration with industry professionals, a process that strengthens their design ability and preparation for pursuing a successful professional goal.

Providing quality education is not only to teach traditionally applied techniques, but to cultivate the individual intellect, social responsibility and ethics with an enlightened understanding of how their design impacts all living beings and the global environment today and in the future. Design is not simply a technical practice; it is a lifetime commitment, responsibility and profession. The purpose of education is to cultivate the moral mind and ethical attitude in the individual in order to create a better world.  I am privileged to be a educator; a career of teaching, learning and inspiring.